Alexander   Kolls   Photography

A Little Something About Me

I am primarily an art photographer whose current work is heavily inspired by the styles of early 20th century geometric abstract and intuitional abstract painters.

Despite the chaos of current events I find peace in the order of the physicals laws which govern the structure of the universe. Simple and unchanging though they may be. They yield some of the most beautiful and intricate forms. Unfortunately, such beauty is often too small or moves too quickly to be perceived while going about our daily lives. I strive to bring the beauty of the fine details of our existence to the forefront of our awareness.

I also photograph scenes of nature and current events, and provide services as a portrait and commercial photographer.

I attended East Carolina University from 2011 to 2015 where I studied under Daniel Kariko and Angela Franks Wells, and graduated with a BFA and concentration in photography. Under their tutelage I refined alternative macro techniques which have become a specialty. I bring artistic vision and technical precision to every photograph I take regardless of subject matter.


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